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About Us

First and foremost, we are parents. We also come from a combined college background of public safety and psychology. Therefore, our goal is to help everyone have fun, but to do so in a safe environment. Parties and gatherings should be a joyful occasion, and we can assist you by providing this in the following two ways:

1. Ensuring that we have a legal business permitted with the state is important. We feel strongly that the consumer must be properly protected. New Jersey is a strict state with mandates for operating and owning inflatable rides, and mandates vary between private and public events. Many inflatable rental businesses are not registered with the state, have proper insurance on ALL their units, have their units inspected by the state, and/or do not follow mandates regarding requirements for attendants at public locations.
2. It is our belief that it can be helpful to have an objective person available to supervise. Therefore, attendants may also be provided for an additional fee (optional at private locations, mandatory at public locations). Our trained attendants ensure rider safety by reminding riders to follow the inflatable rules in a respectful manner. Riders may be asked to leave the inflatable if they do not adhere to the rules. It is important that riders, especially children are consistently taught and/or reminded of the rules in a positive manner so that expectations are clear and meaningful to them.


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