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20 x 20 Castle


Safety Rules

1. Do not inflate in high winds or rain.  
2. Unload all occupants and deflate ride if the wind becomes excessive.
3. Always connect the blower to the extension cord before plugging into power source.  
4. Obtain marking from the utility companies if there is a possibility of underground utilities to avoid accidental contact when driving in stakes.  
5. Ensure there are no underground irrigation pipes, electric wires, gas lines, or telephone cables that the utility company or property owner may have installed.  
6. Limit occupants to the number specified for the unit size.  
7. Always ensure that there is adequate clearance around and above the ride in a 3-foot perimeter  
8. Do not allow any children or adults in the rear of the ride or near the electrical blower fan at any time.  
9. Never roll up or pack a ride when wet unless you plan to dry it within 2 days.  
10. Never use chlorine-based cleanser or bleach to clean rides as this may damage the thread or vinyl.  
11. If power should go off during the time that children or adults are playing, the bounce ride will deflate rapidly. Ask all occupants to immediately sit down, and then the responsible adult will evacuate each person individually.  



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