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Why Kidz Play?

We are parents who have experienced the use of moonwalks at various parties, festivals, picnics. Children and adults alike have enjoyed hours of fun with this equipment. In researching this business, we have learned that many rental companies are not permitted in the state and do not have proper insurance. We are fully permitted and insured. We are mandated by the state to have our equipment regularly inspected to ensure that it meets all safety requirements.

Safety is our priority. We provide entrance/exit ramps to our moonwalks. Some rental places just give you the moonwalk and you have to figure out how to get the children in an out on your own which could result in injury. In addition, because safety is our priority, Kidz Play will not operate the equipment in heavy rain, winds, thunder and lightening.

Our moonwalks are cleaned after each use with a sanitizer. They are again inspected for cleanliness upon set up. Socks are required to be worn inside the equipment. Hand sanitizers are also available so that children may clean their hands after eating, playing, and before entering and re-entering equipment.

We can provide attendants for your guests' safety. Attendants ensure that the equipment is properly set up and clean. They also are responsible for ensuring that all rules are followed. They have the right to ask a child to exit the equipment if they are not following the rules and the attendant feels that safety is an issue. The attendant is an independent third party and will explain to a child's parent why a child must take a time out instead of a party host worrying about hurting someone's feelings.

We provide delivery of the equipment, set up, and pick up so that you may enjoy your party/picnic guests without the extra hassle. This also ensures that the equipment is properly set up for your safety and enjoyment.

Since we are parents just like you, we know what it is like to have your child suddenly become ill and have to cancel plans. Deposits may be refundable depending upon the circumstances. We value your patronage.



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